Your Nails, Your Way



Im freaking obsessed with this. Probably never going back to acrylics. This was so easy to use and set up. I did my left hand first and took my time with it, got the hang of it, virtually no further sculpting needed. When i did my right hand i finished within 30 mins. What a money saver!

Shawna Mae

Looove this gel these will definitely be my go to! I’m proud i don’t have to go to the nail salon ever again! I’ve mastered using Polygel on my 1st try and my nails came out looking BEAUTIFUL!

Asya Woods

Super happy that I bought this set! This is my very first time trying polygel. In fact, the only thing I’ve ever done to my nails on my own is paint them with regular nail polish. So, this was kind of a big step for me. Very happy with how my nails turned out, will definitely be buying more once I run out!

Ashley Fae